3 Homes - Mermaid Point, Pink Pause, Peppercorn

 1 beachfront lot - Double Bay - SOLD

 1 parcel on Private Cove - Kemps Creek

1 Interior Lot, 1 Waterfront lot  - Ten Bay

 Double Bay 1.5 acre lot beach

Are you looking for vacation property that is very private but close to the US and in  the fabled clear waters of the Caribbean? We have a few properties that we have accumulated and are willing to part with at very competitive prices.

About Us 

 We are US Residents that searched the world for property that we could live on for extended vacation periods after retiring.  We tried islands in the Pacific, beaches in Mexico, coastlines in Europe, searching all with a rather extensive list of criteria. Nothing fit the bill like the Bahamas and nothing in the Bahamas matched the settings, friendly locals and winter residents like the island of Eleuthera. We started looking in 1999, bought some exclusive beach property on the Atlantic, sold it, bought a home on the Caribbean side built a guest house then acquired some additional land on the Caribbean side.  Then came 2008 and we got the Atlantic property back. Then we acquired another lush elevated property with an old house on the Atlantic.   Beautiful homes dot the magnificent beach, and it's a perfect place to bring your dog from the US or Canada with only a $10 permit and health certificate.  It's just a short flight from Ft Lauderdale or Miami.   The picture to the left is the beach in front of the Double Bay lot.  This is a typical day where you rarely see another soul.  This lot is perfect for your dream home since utilities and a well are already in place.  Descriptions of the properties are on the following pages. We live on the island except in the summer and can usually answer any questions you may have.

<< Double Bay Beach looking North -SOLD

 Why are we selling?                                     Since retiring we have taken a new vocation - animal rescue and we are looking to build a property that can house and contain the Royal Bahamian Potcakes (Island Dogs) that we find, rescue, spay/neuter and foster until adoption.  We are willing to sell what we have accumulated to make that happen.

<< Arial view of the Mermaid Point and Pink Pause area


Since acquiring a mortgage in the Bahamas can be rather difficult, we are willing to carry the contract with 30 percent down on any of the properties. Prices quoted do not include attorney's fees or government stamp tax. (Usual closing costs) All of our properties have clear title, and purchase by foreigners is welcomed in the Bahamas


<< West View at Mermaid Point - CARIBBEAN SIDE

Note:  The prices do not include attorneys fees, Stamp Tax, and any other closing costs.  Purchase time in the Bahamas is usually 3-12 months. All real estate transactions are overseen by a Bahamian attorney of  the buyers and sellers choice.  Background and criminal checks are required by the investments board of the Bahamas before permission to own property for a non-Bahamian is granted







Ten Bay Beach - Man & Dog

801-593-5553 Until Nov. 2017

242-332-6442 Nov-May 2018

email: wwampler@earthlink.net

Feel free to contact us if any of this is of interest to you 

<< Ten Bay Beach, Pink Pause, Mermaid Point and Kemps Creek Parcel

Eleuthera is less than a 1 hour flight from Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. It has many restaurants, banks, grocery and harware stores but only a few boutique hotels and NO CASINOS. It has a large "Winter Resident" population along with many ex-pats that live on the island full time and have made the Bahamas their home.  The weather during the winter months is comfortable with temps usually in the 70s.  Eleuthera has internet, cell phones, etc. for a comfortable lifestyle without the traffic and crime of other islands in the Bahamas. It is truly an undiscovered jewel.




<<Fundraiser for the local Library.

One of the many social events held every year on Eleuthera.

There is always something to do on this quiet island.Click on page links at top of this page for more info and asking prices


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<<Mermaid Point






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